Valencia information for Covid 19 and booking a tour


With focus on Valencia as a community this offers a balanced look at the situation in the region, outside the overall Spanish statistics.


With the current spike in cases across the UK and Europe, including Spain, we are all very aware of the difficulties in travel. Simply put, until we see a significant change in travel restrictions being lightened with no need for quarantine or expensive testing required to enter respective countries, tours are possible but difficult. We are still able to provisionally reserve tours for little or no deposit, with guarantees of refund, to allow you to plan and have exciting tours to look forward to so please do contact us with any ideas, plans or thoughts and we can discuss your options.

Sporting activity in Valencia returned last summer with all our sports offered back in business. However, at the time of writing the Valencia Community has just reduced the amount of sporting activity to elite level sports only.The beauty of the current situation from a business and sporting level is we are one year into this pandemic and have a clearer understanding of what our local government would like to achieve and how they will reintroduce sporting avtivity.

The current situation will be updated on a fortnightly basis. We believe in 4 weeks time full schedules of sporting activity will be back in action. The local federations, sports grounds and centres and those taking part have worked hard in creating an infrostructure that does its upmost to adhere to the health and hygene requirements in order to reduce any spread of the pandemic through sporting activity. Therefore we know this activity will be reintroduced to public life sooner rather than later.

Honestly, we believe that Valencia will be open for business during the summer months. With the vaccine in both the UK and Spain by this time protecting the most vunerable, it is believed restrictions on travel will be reduced and Valencia Community will be prepared for a summer of tourism, something that is vital for the local economy.

If you are looking at future tours, following on from the previous paragraph, we have confidence in being able to offer tours that will go ahead for the second half of the year and beyond. We will work with you to create your perfect tour with the terms and conditions in place to allow you to reserve with confidence both financially and operationally for complete peace of mind, so get in touch now to give you, your school, your club or team, something to look forward to.