Concerns about Coronavirus and booking a tour? Info here.

UPDATED 6 April 12:00


It is important with the current outbreak of Covid19 novel Coronavirus to be able to gather the best information for you to confidently book your tour to Valencia when our governments allow and if your current booking in the months to come is potentially at risk. We will be updating this page at least once a week with any new information, specifically around Valencia Community, but also with guidance to the region you are travelling from. All information is sourced from the WHO or Spanish Government.

We include up to date (see top of page for when this page was updated) information on Valencia as a community which also offers a balanced look at the situation in the region, outside the overall Spanish statistics.

AT LAST Spain has seen the curve flatten on number of daily new cases and daily deaths considerably lower over the weekend, dropping by around 30% over 3 days. This is incredible news as the numbers in Madrid and Catalunya in particular have been hard to watch. It seems the country has seen the worst for now and the optimism is plain to see here. The government on Saturday also extrended the lock down until 26 April and advised after this, depending on the figures and advice, there will be a slow implementation of allowing people to start moving around and attempting to start the process of moving back to some kind of normality in May. However we know it is likely to be longer before normal life resumes completely


Valencia Community has, in contrast to the country as a whole, 5,755 active cases. The Community is a very large area covering over 23,000 km2 (Wales – 20,700 km2) and has a population of over 5 million people running from south of Alicante to north of Castellon. The province of Valencia accounts for over half of this population and almost half of the area (7 times larger than London). At the time of writing the province has a total of 2,935 active cases and this figure is lower than the last time of writing on Friday4 April which is incredible news.

In respect of the country as a whole, Madrid and Catalunya sadly account for around 50% of the cases. The lockdown in the country was possibly late in respect of these areas, however we hope for Valencia, the timing will see some containment and hopefully a slower increase in numbers than other areas. We have to wait and see.

Flights will obviously be a key element to visiting us here in Valencia so we will monitor this situation with aviation governing bodies and also the airlines that fly you to our region. At this moment any press releases and information offer speculation on time frame of grounded fleets so we will hold fire on offering information at this time which could be misleading.

The Future – We don’t know what the future holds but we are working with all our suppliers to be confident on making sure we offer our exceptional tours in the safest possible environment, when our governments and WHO say it is safe to do so. We are doing our best to be clear on the facts and how this may have an impact on your visit. We appreciate the concern and will continue to gather information from the Spanish government and WHO as the situation continues to evolve. What we do believe is the importance of safe practice and knowledge which will allow you to continue to visit all of the places in the UK, Valencia and beyond to enjoy playing the sport you love.

Terms and Conditions – We will be adding new elements to all new tour booking Terms and Conditions in order to give you peace on mind when booking your tours with us for later in the year, offering refunds should tours not be possible due to the outbreak. When contacting us for your quote, feel free to ask any questions in respect of this straight away. Our current bookings, we will have already been in touch to advise on your individual situation.

Please contact us at any time with any questions and concerns and rest assured, we will continue to be clear about the situation in the region and regularly update this page. WE ARE TAKING BOOKINGS from July onwards so please do get in touch to enquire and give yourself something to look forward to and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we will be putting clear terms and conditions in place to protect you and your tour financially against cancellation.