Valencia information for Covid 19 and booking a tour

UPDATED 16 July 17:00

With focus on Valencia as a community this offers a balanced look at the situation in the region, outside the overall Spanish statistics.



With numbers of active cases of Covid 19 in the Valencia Community at the lowest levels, it has allowed the region to move to what is the new normal and as a result, foreign tourists are being welcomed back. This is great news for everyone who has bookings already in place for this latter part of the year and for those who were hoping to travel in future months.

Sporting activity in Valencia is returning. Tennis, Padel, Golf, Cricket, Football, Athletics and Hockey (our main sporting activity) have commenced this month. There are certain hoops we are jumping through including health and hygiene practices, plus disinfecting equipment, but we are back in business! Rugby, being in their summer break, it is less understood how the Spanish Federation will return to their activities from the end of August so we are waiting for further information and will relay this to you as soon as we know more.

While the virus is still present in our communitites, we are trying to make sure we do everything we can to allow us to enjoy the sports we love and in our wonderful city. With sales for the Valencia Smash! T20 tournament open in October, the Valencia Marathon and Levante UD coaching tours still attracting visitors, we are grateful to all those who continue to show confidence in our products and we will remain honest and open about everything along the way.

Terms and Conditions – We are adding new elements to all new tour booking Terms and Conditions in order to give you peace on mind when booking any new tours with us for later in the year, due to the outbreak. When contacting us for your quote, feel free to ask any questions in respect of this straight away. Our current bookings, we will have already been in touch to advise on your individual situation.

Please contact us at any time with any questions and concerns and rest assured, we will continue to be clear about the situation in the region and regularly update this page. WE ARE TAKING BOOKINGS for later in the year so please do get in touch to enquire and give yourself something to look forward to and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we will be putting clear terms and conditions in place to protect you and your tour financially against cancellation.