Valencia information for Covid 19 and booking a tour

UPDATED 18 June 17:00

With focus on Valencia as a community this offers a balanced look at the situation in the region, outside the overall Spanish statistics.


Valencia Community continues to see the number of active patients for Covid 19 drop on a daily basis with single figure new cases being reported daily with many more recovering, for example, yesterday 87 people recorded as recovering from the virus. Total positive cases in Valencia Community (the regions of Valencia, Castellon and Alicante over an area larger than Wales) currently active is only 2000.

Moving into Phase 3 of deescalation will see all businesses open, still with some reduced capacity internally. Cafes, bars and restaurants with terraces will now be allowed to function at 100% capacity outside. Late night bars and clubs will now also open but with reduced capacity and social distancing in place. Socially, people can now meet in groups of up to 20 people.

Sporting activity has now commenced with quite a number of restrictions and guidelines with social distancing currently expected and non contact sports. As we move into the new normal, this will be a key time for sports as we see how contact sports are going to be reintroduced.

Phase 2 is expected to last for two weeks when the plan will be to move into phase 3 ( of 4), however, statistics and cases in the region will be monitored and the next phase will only come into practice if safe to do so.


The Spanish government hope to open the countries borders again to tourism from 23 June, at the same time as the countries own Community borders allow Spanish citizens to move freely around the whole country. There has been no confirmation on whether there will be restrictions for those visiting from certain destinations or once in Spain, what, if any requirements will also be in place. At this time, it is not expected any quarantine will be enforced. Flights to and from Valencia will also return at the same time. Airlines have slightly reduced the number of flights a week at this early stage however we are monitoring how this develops. As deescalation continues through the phases we will be making sure we keep travel news up to date.

The Future – We continue to try and gather a picture of what the future will look like in respect of travelling to our great city. We have been pleased with recent developments and hope the region and country continues to move in this direction over the weeks ahead. We are working with all our suppliers to be confident on making sure we offer our exceptional tours in the safest possible environment. We are doing our best to be clear on the facts and how this may have an impact on your visit. We appreciate the concern and will continue to gather information from the Spanish government and WHO as the situation continues to evolve. What we do believe is the importance of safe practice and knowledge which will allow you to continue to visit all of the places in the UK, Valencia and beyond to enjoy playing the sport you love.

Terms and Conditions – We will be adding new elements to all new tour booking Terms and Conditions in order to give you peace on mind when booking any new tours with us for later in the year, due to the outbreak. When contacting us for your quote, feel free to ask any questions in respect of this straight away. Our current bookings, we will have already been in touch to advise on your individual situation.

Please contact us at any time with any questions and concerns and rest assured, we will continue to be clear about the situation in the region and regularly update this page. WE ARE TAKING BOOKINGS for later in the year so please do get in touch to enquire and give yourself something to look forward to and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, we will be putting clear terms and conditions in place to protect you and your tour financially against cancellation.

This page gathers the official government health information for you to confidently book your tour to Valencia when our governments allow and if your current booking in the months to come is potentially at risk. We are updating this page regularly, specifically around Valencia Community, but also with guidance to the region you are travelling from. All information is sourced from the WHO or Spanish Government.

Locals Levante CC take part in ECN Dream11 T10 series 2-6 March

After a league winning season in 2019, local cricket club Levante CC who play host to all our touring sides across the year, will be taking part in the season opening T10 tournament taking place in Albir, Alicante, the Dream11 European Cricket Series part of the European Cricket Networks new run of tournaments that will take place throughout the year and across Europe.

Six Spanish clubs will be taking part with hosts Sporting Alfas, Levante CC, La Manga CC, Intellectuals CC, Pinatar Pirates and Madrid Utd. With four matches per day taking place from midday local time, each side will play each other in a league format until Thursday, with the top four teams playing through semi finals and finals on Friday to be declared the first Dream11 European Series champions.

Final group stage places –

1. Sporting Alfas C.C.    10   +5.184
2. Madrid United C.C.    6    -0.034
3. Levante C.C.    6     +0.125
4. Pinatar Pirates C.C.    4    -0.065
5. La Manga C.C.    4    -0.299
6. Intellectuals C.C.    0    -4.398
Semi finals –
10am – Sporting Alfas CC VS Pinatar Pirates CC
12pm – Madrid Utd CC VS Levante CC

All up to date and live information is available via the ECN website here – https://www.ecn.cricket/

All matches live via the ECN Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzpKcXOP32CxF-X6iTpM7EQ

Should you be interested in a cricket tour to Valencia to play Levante CC, send us an email HERE or take a look at our Valencia Smash! T20 tournament HERE, which still has places available for October 2020.