Running Clubs partner with Valencia Sports Tours and get great Discounts and Cash Back

Valencia Sports Tours have created a partnership programme in which Running, Athletics and Fitness clubs in the UK can receive reduced rate packages on all bookings purchased by members of their club. Depending on the choice of the club itself, this saving can be passed onto its members, a great addition to your membership offers, or receive cash back, something that can be a vital annual addition to general fundraising and income.

You can download your registration form below which we require to be completed. It is just a few simple questions to allow us to know who you are, your club details and how to contact you.

Valencia Running!

Moving forward, we will send you the necessary information for all the major running events in Valencia. At this time, we will advise of the basic packages, prices and discount you will receive as a club. We will also ask if you would like further marketing material to pass to your members. You will then receive
the marketing material you need to send out for possible bookings. This will also be branded with your club details and logo and Valencia Sports Tours.

Download your club registration form here


We are happy to receive group bookings direct from you or individual bookings from your members. It is up to you, whatever works best at your club. If individual bookings, the marketing material will highlight how to book and also include a Promo Code which they are to use to receive the discount or cash back for the club. Don’t worry, we know sometimes people forget to include the Promo Code so every booking is always asked where they heard about us and this will stop anyone falling through the net.

Receiving Cash Back

Clubs who wish to receive cash back from their member bookings will receive this amount with a detailed receipt within 4 weeks following a running event their members have purchased. With our terms and conditions allowing certain refunds on cancellations (all will receive detailed T&Cs when booking), we need to wait until after the events to determine the final payment to you.

Now Get Going!

With the registration process straight forward, complete the attached doc. and return. We will immediately send you through the forthcoming running events in the city for you to look at, basic packages, prices and your club offers. With the major events such as the 15k night race in June, Half Marathon in October and Marathon in December still to come this year, there is no time to lose.

Download your club registration form here

Download a PDF version of this page here

Visit our running page for forthcoming events