Sports Insurance Cover?!?!

When taking part in sporting activities abroad, it is pretty important you are covered for any eventuality. There is a common thought that the EU health card that you are entitled to (for now!!) will allow free medical care for potential accident or injury. This is correct however, many people find out the hard way when it comes to the actuality of injury, that there is much more to the situation than simply initial medical care.

Here at Valencia Sports Tours, for many of our activities, we insist on those booking with us to obtain travel insurance specific to the nature of the sport they intend to partake in. Although we recommend you have your EU medical card as well, the insurance is vital in areas such as the need for extended stays due to injury, changing flights, repatriation, personal liability for injury caused to others etc, something that goes beyond the general medical care itself. Your average travel insurance too will not cover some activities so it is wise to seek out the right insurance for you.

Although we do think it wise to shop around, we recommend Sports Cover Direct as they are able to offer bespoke options for any number of sports and activities, plus should you already have personal travel insurance, such as annual cover or you have just already purchased basic travel insurance, Sports Cover Direct offer a “top up” option allowing you to pay a lower premium, so you can retain the use of your normal policy with the peace of mind that you will be covered for the sports undertaken.

In addition, if you are travelling as a club or team, there are group offers reducing the cost of your sports insurance cover by up to 10%.

Please feel free to click on the banner below and take a look around the Sports Cover Direct site and obtain a quote. We do not offer cover via our site or packages and although we do recommend Sports Cover Direct, there are others out there too if you want to compare options.
Sports Travel Insurance